Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Virtual Reality with CoSpaces

Hi kids!
Jump on the Virtual Reality with CoSpaces and create your own virtual worlds!
 (Move the cursor around the screen to enter the virtual world)
(Try with Firefox if you can't see this project)

CoSpaces is a 3D tool to create virtual spaces on the computer and then dive in your creations on your tablet or smartphone. It's very intuitive to use but there is a YouTube channel  and a Blog to help us.
You can select different environments, objects, figures and change the colour, size and position of all the elements. When you finish a project you can share it with others or explore spaces other users have created.

  • A laptop or computer.
  • A Smartphone with the free CoSpaces app. 
  • A Virtual Reality headset.

 See you in the classroom, guys. Your CoSpaces accounts are ready to use!

Songs in the project:
* "Perfect day" by Lou Reed
* "Love is a losing game" by Amy Winehouse.

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