Friday, 29 January 2010

Play all styles, all music

1.- I'm an Animal Rocker. I like Rock.
2.- I'm an Electro Blipper. I like Electronic music.

3.- I'm a Pink Popper. I like Pop.
4.- I'm a Table Tumin' Hopper. I like Hip Hop.

5.- I'm a Philharmaniac. I like classical music.

Hi there,
Are you a Pink Popper, an animal Rocker, an Electro Blipper, a Table Tumin' Hopper or a Philharmaniac?
Plug in, try on and find out! - -

* If you are a music crazy, follow the instructions:
1.- Click here to start
2.- Choose your music style: colour grey is Classical, pink for Pop, black is for animal Rockers, Electronic music is blue and choose brown if you like Hip Hop and you want to become a Hopper.
3.- Plug in.
4.- Move up.
5.- Browse your computer and upload a photo.
6.- Adjust your photo and your style
7- Click on time to share: save the image as Jpeg or email the result .
8.- Post it on your blogs or send the email to me, to your family or to your friends.

Enjoy yourselves!

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