Sunday, 31 January 2010

Avatarize yourself and travel to Pandora

Create your own avatar here.
Hi there,
Upload your photo if you want to become an Avatar and immerse yourself in the fantastic world of the Na'vi, the blue natives of the planet Pandora.
* Follow the instructions:
1.- Start on "create my avatar" and click on "Upload a photo".
2.- Select "I agree the terms of use".
3.- Browse for a photo. (Wait while uploading)
4.- Select gender. (Male or female)
5.- Adjust your photo.
6.- Submit (Wait while processing)
7.- Adjust position points if you think it's necessary. (Wait while processing)
8.- Choose an emotion and a background.
9.- Add a message.
10.- Click on share and wait for a second.
11.- You can send it to your friends and family or you can get the html code for your blogs.

* Class 6E,
Now, It is easier because everything is in English and you haven't to use a translator to understand German. ;-)


  1. Thanks teacher, because you think in your pupils on Sunday.

    David I

  2. It's always a pleasure to work for pupils like you, David. ;-)