Sunday, 10 January 2010

'15 Green Resolutions' for the New Year

1.- I will look for recycling bins: organic, glass, paper, batteries...
2.- I will use scratch paper and paper that has been previously used when drafting.
4.- I will buy items that use little or no packaging.
5.- I will buy products made from recycled materials.
6.- I will not flush toxic products down the toilet.
7.- I will walk and use public transport or bikes.
8.- I will enjoy going outdoors. I will visit the countryside and seaside and keep it clean.
9.- I will adopt my own space and turn it green.
10.- I will turn off lights when I leave a room.
11.- I will save water.
12.- I will ask my family to quit smoking.
13.- I will not leave my computer on stand-by. I will shut it off when I'm not not using it.
14,- When other electronics are not in use, I will unplug them.
15.- I will not drop my chewing gum on the ground. It does not degrade and it's difficult to remove.

* Come on,  guys! Think Green! Let's save our planet!


  1. Teacher, I will think green too.
    David I

  2. You are a super star, David.
    See you at school! ;-)