Saturday, 9 January 2010

Talking about the past ( For room 6E)

Hello guys,
Believe it or not but one of the girls on the photo is me! Yes, that one with long wavy fair hair!

Well, I want you to publish a post talking about yourselves in the past.
You can upload your own photo or an avatar and write some sentences using the simple past.
*Example about my photo:
"When I was a young girl and I was in the Secondary School, I used to play the drums in The School Band. I wasn't the best but I enjoyed it!
The other four girls on the photo were my best friends in those days. Their names were: Kathy, Julia, Ana and Samy"

* Yes, it's a photo trick and it's me but nowadays. "I have never played the drums but I used to play basketball. I was very good at basketball! Hee hee hee" .

* I have created this funny photo at Year book Yourself.