Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Your virtual teacher

As you can see this is me, but the virtual one.
Remember you have to finish all your electronic projects and your homework,too!!

Classes 4E and 4C: Two slideshows
  1. Animals and pets
  2. My week

Classes 6B and 6D: Three slideshows

  1. Europe
  2. Sports
  3. Animals
  4. London (For those who finish everything)

*Raymond, you can do it about Paris,of course! ...and don't sleep, please ;-)


  1. Good morning:
    My name is Laura.
    I´m 11 years old.
    I live in Arteixo.
    In my opinion the sentece for Raymond is funny.

  2. Hello.
    Raymond no sleep in the class , sleep in the home ( in the bed).
    And remenber , you´re not a ``HIPPO´´


  3. Keltoy, Raymond is a very intelligent boy and a very good mate,too (let's remember the episode with the homework and the lost notebook) but this month is very tired. Perhaps is very hot in the classroom,don't you think?
    Raymond,remember I'm waiting for your slideshow about Paris! ;-)
    *You can post a comment to answer Keltoy and me! :-)
    See you ;-)

  4. hello.
    who am I?.
    I´m 12 years old. My hair is blonde and straight. My eyes are browm. My class is 6ºB, and my classmate is a boy, hes has got the hair brown.
    I like the animals, my pet is a cat white.
    I have got a brother from 4ºB.
    I live in Arteixo in a big house.
    who am I?......

  5. straight fair hair and brown eyes?... you like animals and you've got a white cat?... and a brother in 4B? ... A class mate with brown hair?... Let me see...
    I think the first letter of your name is "R",isn't it? ;-)

  6. hi.
    I´m 6B.
    My first letter of my name isn´t "R" .
    my name have got 3 letters,have got letter "n".
    but the fisrt letter isn´t "N".

  7. I see!! You're Anne!!Aren't you?

  8. Yes.
    I´m Ana Dopico.
    By class 6B.

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  10. I´m a good girl in a bad world .

  11. Of course, Aroa! You are a very good girl but just a little bit lazy, aren't you? ;-)
    ...and yes,for some people the World is not very good. :-(

  12. ana dopico by 6B8 August 2007 at 22:09

    hello teacher
    I´m are you?
    I´m happy,because I go to Malaga with my family the next week.
    please write to my!!

  13. Hi,Ana!I´m fine,thank you.I was in London in July and I had a great fun there. Next year we're going to work a lot about London and its inhabitants.
    I hope you come and visit me next year and don't forget this blog.
    Have a happy holiday in Málaga and take care with the sun and the jellyfish!!!
    P.S.: Write on the top next time,please ;-)