Sunday, 3 June 2007

A trip to Europe (6th Grade)

A look at Europe (A video for the 6th Form:classes 6B & 6D)

*This video is dedicated to all my 6th Grade pupils .
*It´s about Western Europe and some interesting things you know about those countries. (Remember your Geography lessons)
*After watching the video you must write on your notebooks:

  1. The name of the country
  2. The capital city
  3. The nationality
  4. The language
  5. The monument or the object/objects you can see on the photo.

*Remember there are 15 countries.


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  4. Hi . My name is Aroa . My favourite country is Portugal.The Belen Tower is my favourite monument .

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  6. Hi!!!
    I´m Michael.I from Galicia(Spain)
    My favourite country is the United Kingdon.
    Perhaps one day i´ll travel to London.
    I want to travel to Irak.
    My favourite monument is the Eiffel Tower.


  7. Good morning. My name is Martin.
    My favourite country is The United Kingdon.The capital city is London.
    My favourite monument is the Tower Bridge.
    Perhaps one day I´ll travel to London.
    I like the London Eye.


  8. good morning.My name´s Ana .
    I want to travel to london(U.k).
    My favourite country is France, the capital city of France is Paris.

  9. Good morning.
    I am Ramón at class 6B.I love Paris, this summer I travel to Paris.My favourite city is Rome and his ruins.Perhaps one day I'll travel to Rome.

    Good bye

  10. Hi.I´m Andrea.
    My favourite country is the U.K.
    I adore Britain!!!!
    My favourite monument is The Parthenon in Greece.
    Perhaps one day i´ll travel to Greece.
    I love The Golden Eye and the Buckingham Palace in the U.K.
    In my opinion the Asia food is not good.

  11. Good morming ,my name is Sergio.My favourite country is Greece.I want to travel to Greece.I`m my opinion Greece is fantastic.Ilove the Parthenon.Goodbye

  12. Hi:
    My name is James.I'm 11 years old.
    I want to travel to Berlin(Germany)is my favourite city.

    By Think in English.

  13. Good morning ,my name is Patricia. I´m 11 years old.My favourite country is Greece.My favourite monument in Greece is the Parthenon. I want to travel to Greece. My favourite country is Greece.

  14. Lucy Fernandez 6B6 June 2007 at 10:18

    Hi . My name is Lucy . I´m 12 years old .My favourite city is Paris .My favourite monument in Paris is the tower eiffel . I want to travel to Paris . I like travelling.Bye people .

  15. Hi!!!!
    My name is Adrián
    I want to travel to Florencia (Italy)is beautiful.
    Good bye.

  16. Hi,my my name is Raquel.
    I live in Arteixo (A Coruña).
    My favourite city is France, the capital city of France is Paris.
    My favourite monuments in Paris is "The Eifel tower" is beatiful.
    I want to travel to Italy.

  17. Hi!!
    My name is Keltoi.I like Europe.My favourite country is France.I like the Eiffel Tower.I think that The Europeam Parlament is very big.My favourite team is football club barcelona.But I hate
    Real Madrid,My by madrid is very bad.


  18. Laura García Pose, 6B6 June 2007 at 12:04

    Good morning.My name is Laura.My class is 6B.I´m 11 years old. I live in Arteixo.
    In my opinion, the Tower Eiffel is fantastic.
    This monument is in Paris. Paris is he capital city of France.

  19. hola me llamo javier tengo 7 años me gusta bacilar y roncar

  20. hola es muy chula tú página estube jugando en los juegos que hay.Me gusta bailar

  21. hello teacher,nos hemos pasado toda la tarde jugando a tus juegos

  22. Hi,girls!! They are not my games.They are free and they are for you all.
    *Next time, publish your comments in the right post, please. The comment is about GAMES? Then, write in games but not here.
    But don´t worry.We'll talk about this in the classroom.
    See you at school,girls!!

  23. Para Anonymous:
    Debes clicar en OTRA IDENTIDAD y luego firmar tu comentario .
    Thank you for your comment.