Sunday, 17 May 2015

At the Maths Fair 2015

Hi there!
Are you thinking about transforming the way your comunity thinks about computer programming?
Then, a coding day out of school is what you need.
 So last saturday, we were at the IX Maths Fair in PALEXCO, The Congress and Exhibition Centre of A Coruña. The fair was organized by AGAPEMA (Galician Association of Maths teachers)

Because a Maths Fair is a problem-solving Fair!
And Programming is about  problem-solving!
Problem-Solving is Everywhere!

It was a great fun! The event let students the opportunity to share their coding projects with their peers from other schools, families, teachers, media...

 Our kids were teaching  how to create video games using Hopscotch.
The magic words were: " Hi! Would you like to learn how to create your own video games on the iPad?"  and all the kids answered "YES" with a big smile.
It was a fantastic day!

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