Saturday, 7 June 2014

Animated stories using Hopscotch, Coding for Kids

Hi guys! 
Here you are your animated story using Hopscotch turned into a cartoon video.
Well done! You are very good coders but  excellent actors too!

Your animation has all the elements of a good story:

  •  It has got a title: "Escape on a starry night" 
  •  There is a narrator and there are some dialogues
  •  There is a setting: Where and When the story takes place. 
  •  There are heroes and villains, main characters and supporting characters, protagonists and antagonists... 
  •  There is a plot that is all the action that takes place during the story. 
  •  There is a conflict: the robbers try to escape from the police but the hero stops them. 
  •  There is a climax: the villains are defeated and Pod saves Hopscotch City. 
  •  There is a resolution: Hopscotch characters go out and celebrate the victory. Everybody is happy. It's a happy-ending.

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