Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hector awarded in the 6thYouth Short Film Contest "No te cortes"

Hi everyone!
Last Friday, February 1, people lived an unforgettable night at The Forum Castellana FNAC in Madrid because they celebrated the awards for the Sixth Edition of Youth Short Film Contest "No te cortes"
Our dear Hector was there to accept the award for best actor  for his short film "El rubí robado" (The stolen rubi) and a mention for Special effects for his awesome "Misión: salvar el Mundo"(Mission: saving the world) 
Here you are some photos of Hector, speaking in the gala and with the famous actor Adrián Lastra.
And with his proud parents of course! 

This is what the experts have said about him:
"Hector Rodriguez, doubly rewarded. Originality, brash and imagination with a camera, a pen and paper. Along with the other participants and winners are the future of Spanish cinema!"

Congratulations Héctor! You are a superstar and we are so proud of you!

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  1. creativity and innovation are essential in a work of art.