Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Welcome back to school

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Hi kids! 
School days are back once again. 
New lessons, new games, some new mates and a new school year with new challenges.
I know you will be nervous but excited at the same time. 
Don't worry and start this new grade with confidence because everything is going to be all right.



  1. Hello teacher ♥
    WOW..."Think in English" not changed anything in this four last years.
    Well, my studies are very good. I'm in Fourth of ESO, and last year I went to bilingual class with Alice, Robson, Noelia, and more...
    I will study en english very hard, because next year I will go to Bac.
    So good bye, and see you in Arteixo (I will go to Ponte dos Brozos someday)

  2. Great to see you here again, Alba!
    Yes, I would love you to come and visit.
    A kiss for you and Robson, Noelia and the others,of course.