Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Talking avatar videos

 Hi there!
That's not cool is an amazing interactive application where you can now create personalized talking avatar videos and post them on your blogs.

Read the following instructions:
1.- Create your avatar.
2.- Pick a story.
3.- Click on "sign into YouTube"
4.- Allow YouTube access.
5.- Choose your phone, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, arms and extras.
6.- Enter the text or pick a statement and select a voice or an effect.
7.- Preview and click on "publish to That's not cool".
8.- Wait while publishing.
9.- Download your avatar.
10.- Open your YouTube account and click on "My videos". That's it!!
11.- Open and watch your video.
12 .- Edit your video.
12.- Insert the HTML code in your blogs and post it.

I hope you enjoy, guys!

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