Sunday, 27 March 2011

Daily Routines

1.- Activities Vocabulary Interactive Book by E. Caumet and E. Peyron.

2.- Time and Daily Routine by Mrs Haquet.

3.- Chores and Adverbs of Frequency by Mrs Haquet.

4 & 5.- Interactive English by Aurora Gil and Helen Massingham:
* "Activities" ( Roll over to open, click on Menu - 1º ESO - Lexicon)
* "My Day" (Menu - 1º ESO - Intermidiate)

"Let's have Fun with English" by Mrs Haquet:
6.- "Chores".
7.- "Daily Routine".

6.- Daily Routines Game.From Purpose Games.

7.- "Routines" by English (Click Full Screen)

8.- Video: "Daily Activities - Ths Simple Present Tense."

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