Sunday, 23 January 2011

Create your own Desktop Wallpaper

Hi guys,
There are thousands of wallpaers on the Internet, but   I'm sure you'd like to design your own and have the most orignal desktop. Then, why not start and make your custom wallpaper?
Wallpapers.x3Studios   is a great web application where you can create incredible wallpapers. 
It's free and you don't need to register for.

  • Click on Create a Wallpaper. If you want inspiration, visit the gallery.
  • Select a background to get started.
  • Start creating! You can change the background if you want and experiment with all the tools and effects. There are hundreds! You have a right-click menu too!
  • Download your wallpaper. (The smallest size, please.)
  • Send to a friend or to yourself.
  • Done!!
Enjoy it!

Video Help.

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