Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Create your Devil Yogurt

Hi kids,
Devil Yogurt & his Wicked Comrades is an awesome interactive website where you can play and create a monster cup with the most poisonous and devil yogurt ever!
Come on! Descend into the darkness!

  1. Name & email.
  2. Cup colour.
  3. Colour of poison.
  4. Choose the Evil Minions: Berry medusas, Spokie cookies, scary berries, spider kiwies...
  5. Choose tops  gluttony. little green snakes, bats...
  6. You can change the music here if you wish.
  7. Change the scenery if you want.
  8. Copy the permalink and share your sinister abomination with the underworld.
  9. Save as wallpaper and save the link to post it on your blogs. Write a short description.

* Link: Devilyogurt. 

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