Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Create your Fantasy Bagpack

Hi there,
Land's End Packland lets you choose from four different fantasy lands:
The jungle, the Ocean, a Fantasy World or a Spy Lab
and design virtual fantasy bagpacks.
Create the bagpack of your dreams and enjoy the adventure, kids!


  1. Teacher I liked this post !
    It is a interesting and creative post.

  2. I like, too.
    I like this post, I created the backpack and is very easy.
    Goodbye teacher.

  3. Hi teacher, I'm Hugo, the boy who last year was in 4A, I watched Primary Bloggers, and I see you deleted the old posts and did many new ones.
    Bye teacher !

  4. Oh! I had not realized that the old posts still remain! , I thought that you had deleted because they found them.