Monday, 25 October 2010

Interactive Halloween

1.- Viva Voodoo: Create your avatar and play the game.
2.- Funny Halloween: Halloween characters for boys and girls.

3.- Ana Somnia: Lights out! A world of dreams is waiting for you when you turn out the lights. Amazing! A site to dream.
4.- Dracula's Castle: Interactive drag and drop adjectives to describe Dracula's castle.

6.- Create a Tale: "The witch stew" : Help the witch select the right ingredients to turn herself into a friendly fairy.

7.- Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt Game: You have to find seven goodies hidden in the Haunted House. Search the rooms and click on the items to pick them up.
8.- Halloween Costume Dress Up: Choose from zombies, scary clowns, cats. It's funny!

9.- Spooky Jukebox : Open the jukebox and choose from Funk, Disco, Twist...
10.- Cave a Jack O' Lantern: Create your own animated Jack O' Lantern.

11.- Bats! Why should you care? : Interactive site about bats.

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