Monday, 4 October 2010

Comic Master

Hi guys,
Comic Master  is an online comic creator that allows you to create your own comics.
This site has got a very easy and nice drag & drop interface with lots of items to choose from.
It's super cool!
Create your comic and post it on your blogs.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. Did you remember me??
    a... a... another thing,THIS POST IS SO COOL :)

    Aaron C.R

  2. Yes ,of course I remember and I miss you, Aarón.
    How's life at the new school? How are you and the other guys? Tell everyone we miss you and we often talk about you.
    Some guys are making a post about those who went to the other school.
    We hope to hear from you and the other ones very soon.
    A virtual kiss :-*)

  3. Bah! the new school is cool my teacher is Alfredo Mouriño, the gym teacher is Alberto,the english teacher is Patricia & in my class we are: Hugo,Brais,Daniel,Leticia,Me,Samuel...
    But I hate the FreeTime When it's raining because we are out in the playground all tight,then little child, first grade,second grade,third grade and fourth grade are into school.And we have windows into the class... The new school is: AWESOME!
    Samuel & Arons blog :