Thursday, 9 September 2010

Back to school (School Year 2010 - 2011)

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Hi my dear pupils and welcome back,
It's hard to believe but it's school time again! It's the beginning of a new School Year.
I hope you are having a wonderful summer but I bet you are very excited about starting school too.
I think you are going to learn a lot of new things this year.
Everything is ready to welcome you back, guys.
See you at school!


  1. Thanks teacher!
    Welcome to you

  2. Samuel Balseiro Díaz 5ºA21 September 2010 at 19:12

    Hello teacher estoi in school again with Hugo Brais miss you aurora

  3. Hi, Aurora!
    I'm Margarita, a fellow blogger (and teacher) from Ourense. I´m writing to tell you that I admire your great work and to encourage you to keep it up!
    Greetings from the "South",


  4. Dear Marga,
    Thanks for your nice comment. I follow your blog " English teacher" too. Great job!
    Greetings from the "North" ;-)
    A virtual kiss :-*)

  5. Thank you David and Welcome back.
    Ready to blog??

  6. Hello Samuel!!
    How are you? What's life at your new school? Everything ok?
    Keep in touch, please.
    I'll miss you too!
    A kiss :-*)