Monday, 14 June 2010

Fashion Avatars for boys and girls

Hi there,
Dress up with the latest fashion and create your own style at .
You can share your avatar with your friends or post it on your blogs.
There are avatars for girls and boys. Pretty cool, isn't it?

1.- Click on the female or male icon to change gender or skin color.
2.- Click on one of the icons to select a category.
3.- Each category contains several shops.
4.- Click on one of the nine items to dress up.
5.- Click on the items on the avatar to delete them.
6.- Reset button, to clear all changes on the avatar.
7.- Save button: you have to save before sharing with friends.
8.- Save your avatar on several communities, blogs, etc.
9.- Camera icon: click on it to see / buy the real item.
10.- Some items need credits.


  1. Dear Aurora,
    I´m an efl teacher in Brazil and just discovered your wonderful blog. In fact, I´ve just written about it in my blog. I also like exploring webtools and integrating them in my lessons, therefore, your posts came really handy.

  2. Dear Ana María,
    It's a great honour to receive this comment precisely from you. I'm a fan of the great job you are doing with your blogs. I learn from you all the time. "Life Feast" is full of ideas and creativity!
    From Galicia a big virtual kiss or un bico in Galician :-*)