Monday, 7 June 2010

Let's talk about the Future

Hi guys,
What will the world look like in the Future?
Thanks to some awesome technology, the world will look very different in a few years.
Perhaps, in the Future, many children will not be going to school but learning at home, at a cyberschoolWatch the
videos carefully. Next day, we will talk about them in the classroom.

1.- The Future of Teaching. (A phrase of the day is here, kids!)
2.- The Future of Shopping.
3.- Men and Women shopping in the Future.
4.- Can a robot play the violin?
5.- Intoducing NAO, an amazing robot.
6.- Future cars.
7.- The Computers of the Future.
8.- New Technology for the Future.
9.- The House of the Future.
10.- Digital Lifestyle. (A very funny story)
11.- The Healthcare of the Future.
12.- Future vision of retailing.
13.- The Future Supermarket.

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