Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Create your own masterpieces inspired by famous artists

Hello kids,
I have created three artworks inspired by three famous artists.
You can make your own masterpieces with activities inspired by Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo or Sargent Johnson .
First of all, click on the dogs, read and listen to the stories and then choose from the following ideas:

1.- Read The Country Dog Gentlemen story.
2.- "Frida's fashions" inspired by Fridda Kahlo. Have a look at Frida's wardrobe and add pets to create your painting.

3.- "Free to be" inspired by by Sargent Johnson. Choose a backgroud and create your story.
4.- "Guard my secret" inspired by Jackson Pollock. Type your secret and paint to create your picture. (Can you see my secret, guys?)
* TASK: Create your own artwork, write a short description and post it on your blogs.

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  1. Hello teacher, I love sweets, someday I'll get te sweets.

    Paula, 4A