Sunday, 3 January 2010

Creating very easy avatars.

1.- Gaia Dream avatar . The avatar of your dreams. Very easy and with lots of possibilities: clothes, hair, accesories,...

2.- Unique Rasterboy . Just intuitive.

3.- Mii and my avatar editor . They are very easy but you have to create a screenshot to save it.

4.- Lego avatar . You can be a lego made of plastic.

5.- Your wild avatar. Choose your favourite animal parts and go wild.

6.- Minimise-me . Make a mini you with mini characters or emoticons.

7.- South Park avatars: South Park Studios , here and here .

8.- Shrink pictures : Do you want to turn a picture or a photo into an avatar? Then you have found the place to do it! Upload your image and resize and crop.

9.-Viva Voodoo. Create your Voodoo doll for this Halloween.

10.- DoppelMe . You have to sign up.

11.- Loogix . Create gif animations online. You can upload your own photos.

12.- The Kellys: Create your own character and play with the Kellys.

13.- Messdudes. Your little doll avatar in seconds.

14.- Anime Face Maker at, Anime character maker and Face your Manga.

15.- Pretty cool but you have to sign up if you want to save your avatar.

16.- Sonic Charrie Maker Updated. You have to sign up to save your creations.

17.-SUPER HEROES: Do you remember? I think it's a good idea to review these sites:

a - Make your character a reality with HeroMachine Classic.

b - Create your own Super heroe at

c - Make me a hero at the Hero Factory.

d - Super Character Creator Female.

e - Super Character Creator Male

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