Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Working with The Past Tense. (6th Grade)

Help Fernando get to school typing the past tense in the box and then press ENTER.

There are TWENTY verbs!
Highest possible Score = 100%!
Clik on the image to start and be fast!

...and much more:
* QUIA - English Irregular Verbs Game with score points by answering questions correctly.
* GAME zone: Click on the right lily and save the frog.
*Simple Past Tense Quiz : Choose the right one. Very easy.
*Complete the sentences:: Drag and drop the right word.
*Simple Past of Irregualr verbs: Type the right form of the verb in each blank.
*TEST: Fill in the blanks but don't use contractions.

*HELP: List of irregular verbs.

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