Monday, 27 April 2009

Learning English and watching videos

Hi kids!
At you can learn English and have a great fun. It is very easy to understand the videos because you have the subtitles in English and in Spanish, you can repeat a sentence if you don't understand it or even you can repeat the audio pronounced more slowly.

This time, I have posted a funny commercial with two incredible schoolgirls talking about pens! Click on the link or on the image to watch the video. The level is easy. Enjoy it!
*You can sign up if you want to have your own yappr with all your favourite videos.
*There is a permanent link at the sidebar/videos and powerpoint.


  1. Hi, Aurora. I'm an English teacher from Mallorca and I think your blog is great!
    My pupils and my 10 years old daughter love it, too!

  2. Thank you very much M.Ángeles. I know your blog too!! Lots of ressources there!! Thanks a lot for sharing.
    A kiss to your daughter too :-*)