Sunday, 14 December 2008

Tell it to Santa - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
*Click on the photo and tell Santa what to do.
1st.- Choose the language. English, of course.
2nd.- Press start.
3rd.-Enter your command and press play.
It's amazing! There are some commands that Santa doesn't want to do but he can offers lots of others. Good luck! ;-)


  1. Hello
    It´s me, who has presented your blog in the Finnish blogs as a remarkable role modell in useing computer-aided teaching.
    I guess that someones from the Finnish Blogosphere have visited you blog. We, the Finns, speak a language which very few of the other Europeans can understand, but most of us speak English nowadays.
    I would like to ask, if you use computers and IT in the every day teaching. Do you also use text books?
    Have your students many computers or laptops to use?
    I think your blog is very fine and would like more teachers to be like you.
    I am a man, soon to be retired. I used to teach also, but it was before the PCs came, unfortunately.


  2. teacher is nice eh is nice :-))
    tell it to santa is like for me

  3. This Santa is very bad teacher

  4. Thank you Maalainen for your nice comment.
    Yes, I use text books and laptops. We have three EFL lessons a week and we only can spend one of them with laptops. It's a lot of work but kids enjoy it!
    This is our School project:

  5. Sometimes this Santa is not very good :-DDDD