Monday, 27 October 2008

Halloween countdown

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
October 31 is Halloween. On Halloween, children wear fancy dress costumes and they knock on doors and say "Trick or treat." People open the doors and give the children lots of sweets. Orange and black are the Halloween colours. Orange is the colour of pumpkins and black is the colour of darkness. Halloween is a fun holiday!!!
In Galicia we can celebrate Samahin
And here you are some Halloween games, ecards, avatars, activities,...
1.- Halloween game in the Haunted House
2.- Halloween card creator: Create original ecards this Halloween
3.- A Halloween email: To send emails to your friends
4.- The Ghost Motel: An interactive video game.
5.- A Halloween crossword: Crossword Puzzle: Halloween


  1. Hi Teacher!
    I´ve got a Crossword Puzzle in my blog. Look at it!
    Oh! And I love your avatar! ;-)
    Alice 6E

  2. Hello Aurora, I'm Héctor and the Ghost Motel it's a verry scary game

  3. Hello Teacher!
    I have celebrated the Halloween!
    I amused myself very much!
    Visit my bloh please.

  4. Meezmeez 4. I know you. You are in class 3A! hehehehehehe :-D
    Your avatars are great!