Wednesday, 24 September 2008

You can be like Andy Warhol and "warholizer" your photos

For classes 6C and 6E:
This is a Flickr toy and it is inspired by Andy Warhol 's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe. With this tool you can have a lot of fun and "wharholizer" your photos and create beautiful wallpapers or posters. If you like my collage and you want to create yours, click here. Then you can save your picture in your computer and later post it in your blogs. Enjoy it, kids!
*Class 5E : You haven't got a blog yet, so you can send emails to your family, teachers or friends
*To know more about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art, click here


  1. Hello teacher i'm Noelia.
    Warholizer it's a very fantastic page!
    Visit my blog please.

  2. Yes, it is!! Your collage is very nice, Noelia. Good job!