Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Galician Literature Day 2008

*The Galician Literature Day on May 17th is a holiday in Galicia and this year the Galician Royal Academy has decided to dedicate this day to Xosé Mª Álvarez Blázquez (Tui,1915 - Vigo,1985)
*Here you can see a comercial on a shoping plastic bag made by a well known Galician supermarket with a poem by Álvarez Blasco on it. The poem is "The kite".
*Do you remember the other comercial about Galician people on TV?: "Let's live as Galicians!" If you want to watch it again, click here.


  1. Hello Teacher!
    I live as Galician! ;-)

  2. Hello teacher thi video is very funny.Can I go to The laptops please?
    Galicia is the best city.
    My favourite food is '' tortilla''
    See at school BYE