Friday, 18 April 2008

Smileys or emoticons for your emails

:-P the tongue is out of the mouth
:-) A smile, I’m happy
:-)) Very happy
:-D A bigger smile
:-X My lips are sealed, Close your mouth, shut up, be quiet
:-O Impressed. Oh! Oh dear! Oh, my God!
:-Grr I’m angry
X-D To laugh(gargalladas)
:-S I don’t understand
:-$ I’m embarrassed , my face is red
:`-( I’m crying
:-( Long face, I’m sad, I’m unhappy
:-(( Very sad, very unhappy
;-) Wink
:-*) A kiss
:-´) I've got a cold
.-) Be careful
:-)> With a beard
}:> Devil
:-/ Indecisive
X-) I see nothing
8-) With glasses
=:-) Punk
o:-) Saint
(:-) Bald
*You can write your smileys with a nose :-) or without a nose :)
*Cantas máis bocas poñades))) ou (((, máis potencia terá o xesto.


  1. Hello teacher!
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  2. Teacher i like a lot this post.
    I'ts very funny :-)))


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